Designed in 1975, Design No. 54 was detailed for fiberglass construction in New Zealand and Japan, in wood volume production for Bermester of Germany (who also built Design Nos. 51 and 53), and in wood as a stock plan for one off construction.


Closely related to Design Nos. 51 and 53 (1 Ton and 1/4 Ton designs) Design No. 54 was developed to be competitive in 1/2 Ton IOR events. This boat is Farr's most popular 1/2 Ton design, with over 50 boats built, and racing/cruising production versions - the Farr 920 - are still being produced.


Upstaged in light airs at Grand Prix events by the centerboarders of 1976/77 (Design No. 65), Design 54 is still a fast all around boat accumulating a long string of good performances at club racing level. If it had not been for the centerboard boats taking advantage of the Rule loophole, Design 54 would have been destined for bigger successes at a more international level.


Although originally designed as a full blown racer, many have been fitted out with cruising or cruising/racing interiors and form the basis of some good One Design club racing.

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9.140 m/30'30"

7.150 m/23'6"

3.053 m/10'0"

1.588 m/5'3"

866 Kg/1,909 Lbs

2220 Kg/4,894 Lbs


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