Farr Yacht Design

Design #673 Bavaria 55

The innovation is on display in a dinghy garage capable of housing a 5 man rib inflated with the motor on.  This type of dinghy storage solution is unparalleled in a boat of this size.  The twin rudders steering solution was necessitated by the dinghy storage, but also represents several collateral positives.  The solution offers a fully redundant steering system as well as a greater amount of sailing control when the boat is heeled.  Because one rudder is always fully immersed when heeled we have been able to create much more powerful stern sections of the boat. The generous transom shaping has been combined with a long waterline length in comparison to its overall length, and a generous beam waterline for its beam max to produce a very high volume for a boat of this type.  The generous deck space allows a huge cockpit where the whole crew can dine and socialize outside together.

We have carefully monitored the boat throughout the design and build process to ensure a keel weight which produces in a class leading ballast ratio of 32%.  We have also targeted and achieved an AVS number of 115 and ISO cat 0.

In order to create a manageable boat we’ve produced a sailplan that ensures reefing isn’t required until wind speeds above 20kts.  We also recognize that a true cruising boat should sail at heel angles of less than 20 degrees below 20kts true wind speed.  Even with those conservative choices a SA/Disp ratio of 4.63 ensures that the boat will have competitive performance in class.