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Design #673 Bavaria Cruiser 55

Farr Yacht Design’s goal in partnership with Bavaria is to create better boats.  At FYD we recognize that better design, better performance, and overall better enjoyment are all things that don’t have to be expensive.  Although we have a reputation built on performance, we recognize that performance isn’t only about speed, but also boats that work better as a whole because they handle well, and they are safe.  A good cruising boat should inspire confidence even in the hands of a sailing novice.

Our design goal for the new 55 Cruiser was define a new large boat at the top of the Cruiser line, and a true Flagship for Bavaria.  In order to be a worthy Flagship the design product needs to demonstrate flexibility and innovation.

The flexibility is apparent in a sailplan with 3 headsail options (90% LP self tacking, 106% LP non overlapping, 136% LP solent type genoa) and 2 mainsail options (in mast furling, standard battened) as well as an interior that offers real convertibility between charter and owner versions.

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D. 673 Bavaria Cruiser 55

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