These designs were essentially a development of the successful 1977 World 1 Ton Championship winning Design No. 64, with more emphasis on light weather performance and taking recent Rule changes into account.


Design No. 78/3 was conceived at the time of the ITC's formulation of their so-called Provisional Rule in April 1978 but several major operations were necessary during the construction program to save the yacht from becoming an orphan when it was finally born two Rule changes later.


Design No. 79 on the other hand, was designed to full potential of the Rule applying at the time of the 1979 World 1 Ton Championships held in Germany.


Compared with our 1977 1 Ton yacht (Design No. 64) Design No. 78/3 is shorter, slightly beamier, and considerably deeper around the mid-depths position, and has slight increase in sail area. Both wetted surface area and displacement are slightly lower than in the 1977 boats, although heavier than 1978's EXPORT LION (Design No. 79) and the revamped Design No. 64 SCALLYWAG. These dimensional changes gave some indication of likely trends under the Rule for 1980, although a development towards even more depth amidships, increased displacement, and even shorter length had been anticipated. A centerboard configuration was opted for rather than a fixed keel, because at the time these designs were drawn this still appeared to be a viable proposition. The boats had the centerboard pinned down for 1 Ton level racing, but could use the centerboard with its higher rating in open events such as SORC.


The rig is twin spreader, 4/5th proportion with large mainsail and high aspect ratio foretriangle.


Construction is three skin cold-molded over close spaced stringers spanning frames and plywood bulkheads.

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