Horizon F14 Paddleboard Wins First Race

Published October 26, 2015


Congratulations to Dave Grover who won first place in the 52+ age group of the UK National SUP Series on October 24 in Kingsbridge with his new Farr-designed Horizon F14 paddleboard. Grover only just took delivery of the board on Wednesday and is already off to a fantastic winning start.


This was the first race for a production F14 paddleboard. Grover was happy with the results and the board performance. “Overall the board was superb in a fairly challenging race of 12km with a 20 knot crosswind for one of the legs,” he said.


The F14 is a 14ft. racing paddleboard designed for flatwater and estuary races. It features a wave-piercing bow and a subtle peak along the centerline of the deck, allowing the bow to quickly shed water and return to the surface. The board is manufactured like a high performance racing yacht — formed in female molds, laminated using carbon fiber and cured. The board’s geometry was analyzed and optimized with Farr Yacht Design’s proprietary computational fluid dynamics modeling technology.


“I’m delighted with the hull shape and overall stability of the board,” Grover said. “In the lee of the wind I was able to put the power on and overtook several top paddlers who were considerably my junior in age.”


Andrew Thompson from Horizon Yacht Charters has built several prototype F14s to arrive at the final configuration and has recently entered into production of the final board configuration. F14s can be customized with various color options, leash plug attachments, and GoPro mounts. Contact Farr Yacht Sales for more information on how to place your order so that you can start winning immediately.

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