In designing the FARR 1020 Farr Yacht Design has ignored the requirements of the IOR rule and as a result has produce a boat which has better handling characteristics, has more useable room down below and will be significantly faster in all conditions than similar sized IOR yachts.


Farr's experience with designing ocean racing yachts and cruising versions of these is born out in the interior layout which maximizes the use of available space. There is a spacious double quarter berth aft and twin or double berths in a private forward cabin. The side saloon can convert to a double if required and there is also a single settee berth in the saloon. The galley is spacious and there is ample storage for extended cruising. A large cockpit locker caters for storage of a complete inventory of sails together with many other items one wishes to take on a cruise. As well the FARR 1020 features a large cockpit for racing and cruising and a transom incorporating a moulded in boarding platform and transom gate specifically designed with thecruising yachtsmen in mind to offer easy access on and off the boat.


The FARR 1020 is built strictly to one design and tight class rules will ensure close class racing with the possibility for inter dominion competition.


The emphasis on speed, the complete disregard for rating and the one design aspect will have wide appeal, guard against obsolescence and guarantee an excellent investment.


The hull is light displacement (3709 Kg) with a moderate beam of 3.194 metres and incorporates powerful stern sections with a fine bow. The powerful hull coupled with a good percentage of ballast (1406 Kg) set low in the high aspect ratio keel and fin bow sections will be very stiff and ensure excellent windward performance especially in rough water.


The rig is a development of the non masthead swept spreader arrangement used successfully on previous boats. The fractional rig gives the potential for rig control that will allow the boat to sail to its full potential with a minimum of sails. The mainsail features a loose foot which simplifies the complications of shelf foots and clew cunninghams without any loss of speed. The sail can be readily made fuller or flatter without needing to adjust mainsheet tension. The high aspect short footed headsail is a great cruising advantage as the boat can be easily tacked with only a metre of so of sheet to pull in on each tack. Although the sail inventory is kept to a minimum the efficiency of each sail will give the boat superb performance and make it very competitive with boats of similar size carrying far larger wardrobes.


The wide stern, light displacement and high sail area to displacement ratio will guarantee a fast exhilarating ride downhill and reaching with easy control.


Construction is GRP using the latest materials and techniques in the temperature controlled factory of Sea Nymph.


The design incorporates a structural grid liner moulding incorporating, keel floors, mast step, engine beds, toilet/shower floor and base fixing points for all interior joinery and bulkheads. As well as making the boat extremely light and strong hull this liner moulding will make the fitting of interior joinery a quick and easy exercise for the home finisher with very little glass work involved. In addition it is intended to offer the home finisher kitsets and manuals to enable the finishing work to be completed quickly and efficiently resulting in cost savings.


With the successful and proven production building of the Farr design trailer yachts achieved, Sea Nymph are extremely confident that the same high standards of production techniques applied to the FARR 1020 will result in a popular, top quality yacht at a surprisingly affordable price.


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10.210 m/33'6"

8.660 m/28'5"

3.194 m/10'6"

1.750 m/5'9"

1406 Kg/3100 Lbs

3709 Kg/8176 Lbs


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